Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Terms of Use

GrannyEnchanted.Com Terms of Use
SnipSnapScrap.Blogspot.Com Terms of Use

My kits will be labeled in one or more of the following ways:

Personal Use (PU) – A kit labeled with PU is for personal use. This means you may use it for all kinds of layouts, and upload your creations in galleries on the Internet, and for other graphic projects for your personal use.

Scrap for Hire (S4H) – A kit labeled with ‘Scrap for Hire’ is not just for personal use but also to scrap for someone else. For example: someone hires you to create a layout for her with the kit you have in your stock. You may create unique layouts for a customer. This means that you are also allowed to create notebooks, cards, and other items with the provided graphics. If Granny Enchanted kits are labeled S4H you may sell/redistribute quick pages, clusters, and crafts made from my kits. Check with other designers before you do this with their S4H products.

 Commercial Use (CU) – Products labeled as CU or ‘Commercial Use’ may be used for commercial projects. You may create (with my CU items) a new element or new papers and resell them.

*** You are not allowed to resell my designs without changing them first into your own creations*** Make them into clusters, quick pages, paper stacks… but don’t resell the files as they were when you acquired them. Don't just rename a file and resell it. With a PSD file/template, changing colors, merging layers, and reselling the resulting PNG or JPG file would be acceptable.

Some of my older work is not labeled. If this is the case you may assume it is CU/PU/S4H according to the terms above.  ~http://grannyenchanted.com/

Contact: GrannyEnchanted1@gmail.com

Granny Enchanted’s Terms of Use - Stuff I liked and keep from my old TOU

I love credit! It is free advertising for GrannyEnchanted.Com... just being honest.
I would love to see what you do with my stuff.  Send me an email.  I might promote your
 items or highlight your designs.  I love to send web traffic and share the love. 

Please understand that downloading a file does not mean that it becomes your property.
Don’t redistribute my files.  If you’d like to share them, link back to their original page so
 viewers can pick them up there.  I spend a lot of time creating and presenting these kits,
 papers, alphabets, and elements and I always retain ownership and copyright of them. 

Now Go To!  Make everything look awesome!
Oh, you may need this:

Dear Wal-Mart or department store photo clerk, I give ______________permission to print 
their creations using GrannyEnchanted.Com images.

~Sheryl C.S. Johnson Owner of GrannyEnchanted.Com

This is my arm candy for 15 years and father of my children, Ben.  You'd think I'd scrapbook the picture but  I am (don't tell everyone) the worst scrapbooker ever.  Ironic isn't it??? This picture was taken by Holly's Hobby's (yes that's how you spell it) Photography.

***Here is my recent response to some Designers who wanted to use my creations***
Basically if there is a flower or item that is mine, I don't want it sold because they can get it for free or buy it on my sites.  Now, if you take the flower and stick it with something else to make a new png or jpg file (like a cluster) then it is something else and can be sold -even if all the ingredients are Granny Enchanted- because now it is a new item. Same thing with party sets, if it's a square granny paper but you change it into a triangle banner then that's fine to sell. I love credit any time I can get it.  I love page views because I make a pittance in sales but much more in advertising, which depends on page views. I'd love to see people using my things to create new products they can sell and supplement their incomes.

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