Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Digi Scrapbook PNG Horse Elements

When I was a child I used to feed grass to the horse behind our house.  I'd dream of the day I would be old enough to ride horses.  Fast forward 30 years... You know those people who go into Anaphylactic shock when they have a bee sting?  Guess what I get if I'm around a horse very long. I'm not sure if it would qualify as  Anaphylactic shock, but it would qualify for an afternoon in the emergency room.  It is certainly my worst allergy and I have some doozies. (Google Chrome says doozie isn't a word.  How can that be true?  My Enchanted Granny used to say it all the time.) The gospel teaches us that all people will be resurrected.  When I'm resurrected in my perfect body I want to ride a horse.

19196 Free Digi Scrapbook PNG Horse Elements


  1. Fabulous horses :-)
    My dictionary says 'Doozy' is slang for something excellent... like... 'the plot's a doozy'.... but I don't reckon your allergies are doozies :-(
    Thanks for the fantastic freebie and Happy New Year xxxx

  2. Hahaha... Thank you, Ike. Happy New Years to you too.

  3. Doozie is definitely a word .. I use it all the time LOL. As for your horse allergy, sometimes I think God has a wicked sense of humour :) On the plus side, you are definitely richer in the bank .. as they say, poverty is owning a horse!


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