Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free Tan and Blue Oval Digi Scrapbook Frames

A basic collection of frames is a must for any digi scrapper.  I highly suggest you organize your digi supplies so you can see what you have.  Do you have a large selection of pastels?  Autumn colors? Bright colors?  You'll want a little bit of everything in a wide range of colors so you don't have to stop scrapbooking momentum to go find what you're looking for.  In my files I call elements Trinkets.  Under trinkets I have a file of each type of element: stars, brads, trims, ribbons, bows, characters, frames, journal papers, tags, buttons, birds... the list goes on.  But it's fantastic because when I'm scrapping I can pop open a file and see every single brad I have at one time.  It makes it so easy for me to throw a page together. HAPPY SCRAPPING!

19184 Free Tan and Blue Oval Digi Scrapbook Frames

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