Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Free Plaid Heart Digi Scrapbook Brads

I know you have plaid digi scrapbook brads.  I know because I gave them to you myself.  But do you have plaid heart digi scrapbook brads?  How can you live without them?  What have you been doing all this time with just round brads?  Oh, I feel for you.  There, there.  It's okay now.  I'm proud of you for branching out into hearts.  Next think you know you'll be all over the star fad, then you'll be queen of brads. (Wipes a tear) I'll be so proud of you.  Check out the Brad Directory in the PNG Directory at GrannyEnchanted.Com... That's brad heaven, more beautiful than you've ever dreamed.

19199 Free Plaid Heart Digi Scrapbook Brads

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