Saturday, March 28, 2015

Free Rusty Digi Scrapbook Frames and Shapes

You know what gets me?  I'm sure one day, out on the prairie, there was a beautiful cowgirl chawing on a long piece of straw, leaning against a rotted wooden post, hair fluttering in the wind.  She probably looked down when a tumbleweed hit the barbed wire trailing off the post... and that was when it happened, when the first, glorious,dawning realization came to her.  That rusty old barbed wire would look great in a wreath on her front door.  Of course, it spread from there to hinges and doorknobs.  It's still spreading.  Goodness.  It's even here in frames and digi shapes.  While I can't promise you barbed wire, I will hint that there's a gorgeous little chicken wire kit for free in the Granny Enchanted Free Kit directory.

Find tons of freebies at:


Free Rusty Digi Scrapbook Frames and Shapes

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