Friday, April 3, 2015

Free Kit 36 Pack 1 Digi Scrapbook Frames

I've made so many kits I have to number them now.  How unromantic could I get?  Did I ever tell you about my dream job?  I want to work at Sears Roebuck, sitting behind a huge mahogany desk.  Imagine the smell of my hoity leather swivel chair as you walk into my office with that off-pink towel.  You adjust your glasses (in my daydreams you all have glasses) and hold out the towel, asking, "Mrs. Johnson, what color will we call this?"  
     I will straighten my bun, tap my freshly painted nails on my desk (freshly painted because I don't have much to do all day except paint my nails), and I'll declare triumphantly, "Sunrise Blush."  I'll be immortal because for the rest of eternity that shade will be called sunrise blush! (Okay, as if... but I can dream can't I?)

Free Kit 36 Pack 1 Digi Scrapbook Frames 19213

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