Monday, December 24, 2012

Free Plaid Trees and Elf Digi Scrapbook Elements

I don't know why trees.  I just like trees.  I saw a newsprint tree on a digi scrapbook page ages ago and I loved it.  Given that pine trees aren't the hardest thing to draw, I was sure somebody out there loves pine trees for their scrapbooks too.  At very least you could turn them on their sides and make groovy edges with them... And who couldn't use an elf... Yes, it's Christmas all year long for Scrapbookers, (Mostly because the majority of us are behind on scrapbooking and have Christmas in the "to-do" pile somewhere).

19198 Free Plaid Trees and Elf Digi Scrapbook Elements

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  1. These are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Thank you Sister for sharing!


Thank you for the comment! I appreciate the feedback. It's how I learn what you like.